Kill The Irishmen is a game created by Vanoss, IAMWILDCAT, MiniLadd, Terroriser, and DaithiDeNogla in Vanoss' Gmod Scary Maps video, "Follow the Cocktus!" [1]


The game was started by Vanoss in one of the solitary confinement rooms of the Scary Map that him, IAMWILDCAT, MiniLadd, Terroriser, and DaithiDeNogla are playing on. While Nogla is trying to explain the story so far in an interesting way, Evan cuts off Nogla by shooting him with a shotgun, which kills Nogla's character instantly. When Nogla tries to explain again, MiniLadd shoots Nogla with a crossbow, killing Nogla again. When Nogla respawns, Evan kills him again. Nogla respawns again, only to be shot across the room by Wildcat's shotgun. Nogla then becomes noticeably angry with his group of friends, and the next minute or so of the video devolves into Evan and the others killing Nogla again and again while he becomes more angry. All the while, Evan and the others are having a great time, laughing very hard at Nogla's angry screams. At the end of the map, everyone is teleported back into the same room where the game was created and they play the game again, although Terroriser is killed a few times. Eventually Evan, Wildcat, and MiniLadd start killing Nogla and Terroriser, and as they are both Irish, MiniLadd names their game "Kill the Irishmen".


Nogla: Okay! The plot thickens. we have come from-


MiniLadd: I agree.

Wildcat: *laughing* You shot at him at the same time!

Evan: And then the lobster died...

Nogla: After the lobster died-


MiniLadd: Again!

Nogla: Then-

Evan: The third time! *laughs*

Nogla: F**kin'... *rushed speech*

*laughing from everyone except Nogla*

Nogla: F**k you guys!

*cut to death montage and laughing and angry screaming*
*After the game ends*

Terroriser: Oh... look at the blood that's-oh.. my stomach's sore...


Terroriser: I think we've all got six-packs right now, that was amazing...

Video LinkEdit

[2] Original Scary Map Video